Set of hilarious series for adult only

Check my list of black humor tv shows:

Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life – boys life as is

This is a story about how great it would be to have a friend who would make a huge number of all kinds of errors, and then, based on personal experience, say what was wrong. Now, this is not necessary, because Cooper Barrett will find out by his own what should we experience so that to find out everything about life in the end, if only we will survive!

The series tells about the daily life of Cooper and his friends. Cooper is a young man who has recently graduated from the school, but he still does not have a permanent job. He is in love with his charming and intelligent neighbor Kelly. His friend and roommate Nile is a shy guy in glasses having huge problems in relations with the opposite sex, mostly because of his uncertainty. Barry, the second mate Cooper, is a cheerful and charismatic jerk who is getting in troubles day by day without making absolutely any conclusions. Friends are periodically visited by Josh’s older brother Cooper, comes to stay with the guys to take a break from the tedious family life. Together with his friends, our hero tries to experience many extraordinary situations.

Power from Starz channel returns with third season

James St. Patrick, the major character of the series at season 3, is the owner of the coolest in the New York City nightclub and luxurious penthouse in the exclusive area of Manhattan. He is rich and happily married to the woman he loves. In his glamorous entertainment establishment there is hanging out the elite, ruling this city behind the scenes. It is a world of expensive cars and gorgeous women, which looks very attractive. Here St. Patrick is a successful and honest businessman. But there is another world in which James is known as the Phantom. His club is the place where the dirtiest crimes are committed. Phantom is not the last person in the group, selling drugs. Among his clients there are the most influential people of New York. At some stage, Ghost decides to legalize all the proceeds of crime, refuse from drug trafficking, and start a large transparent business. Whether he will manage to do that, it will be known from Power season 3. But if you don’t see previous seasons I will suggest you do that immediately. You can easily make Power season 2 download and then begin from the the new season.

Alias – oldschool TV show from 2000

This is a TV series in which the main hero is a young and attractive girl named Sydney Bristow. At first glance, she is the most common representative of her sex, but in fact it is not so. While being still a student a freshman of the faculty of the English literature, Sidney has been recruited by a secret organization called SD-6.
Already for seven years she is the operational agent, resulting in dangerous and difficult tasks becoming the integral part of her life. One day the major heroine makes a huge mistake and tells her lover Danny who she really is. After finding out about this, superiors of SD-6 make a decision to eliminate the guy. After the incident, Sidney certainly does not go to work and former employers decide to get rid of her. However, to do that it is not so easy, because to help the poor girl there comes her father – Jack Bristow who worked for SD-6 for some time. It not only saves a daughter, but opens her terrible secret that SD-6 is not part of the CIA, according to the opinion of all young agents as it is an offshoot of a major terrorist group.

Interesting TV series about space and relationship

The Astronaut Wives Club is one of my favorite historical drama but misunderstood by critics.
TV series Astronaut Wives Club
This TV series based on the eponymous novel by Lily Koppel, which while coming out in the summer of 2013 has become a bestseller.
The plot brings the viewers to distant 60s of the last century which have been marked by a completely new stage in the history of mankind the era of space exploration. It is for us now that the space travels are the everyday business and during that time it seemed to be an incredible achievement. People who dared to leave their home planet Earth to explore the vastness of the universe have been considered to be not only elected, but also the true heroes, who have a greater popularity than even the most high-ranking officials. If up to this point all the little boys dream of becoming doctors and guardians of the law, now they all show the greatest desire to become the astronauts. Therefore, it is not surprising that every girl dreamed to marry one of these brave men. The story is about few of such women who are fortunate enough to become the wives of the American astronauts.