Fresh mystic drama TV series and thrillers of April

TV series The Leftovers

the leftovers
Damon Lindelof, known to the audience because of his “Lost” and “Prometheus”, in season 3 of his product “The Leftovers” keeps meditating on abrupt losing of hope and being sure in the future. In brief, 2 per cents of Earth’s population disappear, and it influences almost everyone in the small American fictional town. Various means of deceiving oneself in order to put up with loss, chaos and scrupulous shadowy work of people who want to gain some vague profit onto it can be seen here. Forgetting about terrible events vs. constant remembering about pain, humble humility vs rebellious refusal from peace along with Max Richter music and HBO label make this TV series at least promising for now. Dozens of various symbols – from the mysterious stag and mad dogs to “L’Etranger” of Camus, prays of pupils and atmosphere a la Lynch can show that there is not only “True Detective” and “Games of Thrones” which garner fame to the channel mentioned. Try a simple tv episodes calendar to keep track of the release dates of this series.

Film Life

life movie
Crew of the international space shuttle finds life onto Mars. Science has been far from this fact long ago, but later life has been put into seemingly hermetic space and transported to the Earth. The major issue here is how soon life will escape from its prison and in what way will it flourish in the spaceship. Swede Daniel Espinosa will show his idea in his product. It is worth mentioning that his cameraman is Seamus McGarvey, nominated for Oscar due to his “Atonement” and “Anna Karenina”. It was by his camera that drama “Nocturnal Animals” has been filmed. Minimum which can be expected is that “Life” will vary from aesthetically pleasant up to “Oh gosh, that’s stunningly gorgeous”. Maximum, of course, is well-known award.

Film The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Common British-American project is about the unknown woman (stoically played by Olwen Catherine Kelly so that you didn’t think that there is a dummy on the table). Emile Hirsch along with Brian Cox dissect the nameless former human and run into a line of unexplainable phenomena. The film was made by André Øvredal, merciless Norwegian, whose spine-chilling thriller “Trolljegeren” was made in 2010.


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