Interesting TV series about space and relationship

The Astronaut Wives Club is one of my favorite historical drama but misunderstood by critics.
TV series Astronaut Wives Club
This TV series based on the eponymous novel by Lily Koppel, which while coming out in the summer of 2013 has become a bestseller.
The plot brings the viewers to distant 60s of the last century which have been marked by a completely new stage in the history of mankind the era of space exploration. It is for us now that the space travels are the everyday business and during that time it seemed to be an incredible achievement. People who dared to leave their home planet Earth to explore the vastness of the universe have been considered to be not only elected, but also the true heroes, who have a greater popularity than even the most high-ranking officials. If up to this point all the little boys dream of becoming doctors and guardians of the law, now they all show the greatest desire to become the astronauts. Therefore, it is not surprising that every girl dreamed to marry one of these brave men. The story is about few of such women who are fortunate enough to become the wives of the American astronauts.


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